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Virtual Contact Center

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27th March 2023

10:00 AM ET

About the Event

Virtual contact centers are changing the future of customer service.
In the past, contact centers had a tendency to get stuck, caught in a time capsule with outdated technology, rules and KPIs that cling to the exact stereotype they’re trying to shake: that they’re a bad place to work.
Contact centers are no longer confined to windowless rooms with cubicles. They’re no longer bound by geographic restrictions. With the rise in virtual and cloud contact centers, we’re seeing more companies manage agents who work in separate buildings, cities, states, or even countries. 
More than ever before, virtual contact centers are worth the investment. Not only are they saving costs for your company by reducing infrastructure costs for office space, but they offer unmatched flexibility for your agents. Giving your team more autonomy and flexibility leads to a happier team, and then happier customers to follow.

Instead of being a one-size-fits-all solution like an on-premise contact center, virtual contact centers hosted in the cloud are incredibly easy to deploy and scale, and can be customized to your exact business needs. Studies have shown virtual contact centers to be 90% quicker to use than their analog predecessors.
With an integrated virtual contact center, touchpoint-specific data is stored in the cloud where agents and supervisors from anywhere can access it, collated into graphs and tables, so that problem areas make themselves apparent right away. If any problem areas need further scrutiny to understand the logjam, chat transcripts, and call recordings stored in the cloud are always available for review.
Leveraging customer journey insights through robust call analytics can help identify growth, expansion, and upsell or cross-sell opportunities.
Techsommet’s event on Virtual Contact Center and Unified Communications brings all the industry leaders from USA under one roof to discuss how can we increase engagement opportunities and improve customer experience with revolutionary keynotes and Case Studies along with panel discussion

Some of the Themes that
will be discussed

Omni-Channel Experience

Data Security

Unified Communications

Customer Experience

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Hyper Personalization


ML and Biology


Power of AI in Drug Discovery


Biomarker Discovery

brain (1)





Rare Disease


3D Metrology


Cell and Gene Therapy


Chronic Disease

Virtual Contact Center Model

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Predictive Behavioral Routing (PBR)

Seamless Customer Service.

Omnichannel Routing

Intelligent Automation

Cloud Communi-cations

Virtual Numbers

NLP (Natural Language Processing)


Conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence

Seamless Customer Service.




Financial Services








What to Expect

Product Demonstrations

Keynote Sessions & Speakers

1-2-1 Meeting

Networking Lounge


Keynote Sessions from Industry Leaders


Networking Session with 350+ Attendees


FireSide Chat

Meet the experts

Panel Discussions


Virtual 1-2-1 Meetings


Panel Discussion and many more

Brand Awareness

Expected Speakers

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Delegates joining us

CXOs, VPs, Directors, and Head Managers of:


Neal Topf

President and Co-founder of Callzilla

Neal Topf is the President and Co-founder of Callzilla, a quality and customer-experienced focused outsourced contact center service provider. Neal loves Customer Experience: objectives for 2023 and beyond include how to make Callzilla the most Employee-centric, Client-centric, and Customer-centric BPO possible and how to make Callzilla’s people successful. Neal has been a contributor to CX podcasts and enjoys roles of CX thought leadership. He has judged multiple CX awards programs including a current 4 year run as a judge of The Stevie Awards and American Business Awards Customer Service categories, and was a contributing author to the CustomerExperience4 series in 2022. Winning ICMI’s Best Outsourcer Provider was highlight. Neal resides in South Florida with his 10 year old son, and playing a reasonable level of golf has become a passion.

Expected Speakers

Sarah Wolf

Director, Call Center Operations, Healthcare Solutions at Ameridial Inc

Yohan Loyer

Strategic Partner Manager - EMEA at Gorgias

Chelsea Gstohl

Vice President of the Contact Center at Pelican State Credit Union

Mladen Milanovic

Vice President, Automation at Presidio

Shaun Marshall

Vice President of Customer Experience at Careismatic Brands Inc

Jon Ross

VP Global Connectivity, AVOXI

Meg Ramsey

Chief Product Officer, AVOXI

Todd Sale

Sr. Vice President, Customer Experience - Fleetcor

Devon Savoy

Group Product Manager, Customer Experience at Macmillan Learning

Industries Joining

Audience breakdown

Audience Breakdown

Industries Joining

Industries Joining


Johnson & Johnson.




Some Of The
Discussion Topics

How To Save Big With Virtual Contact Centers

Virtual Contact Centers: Elevate The Customer Experience And Increase Operational Efficiency

How Virtual Contact Centers Enables You To Quickly React To Changing Business Conditions.

How Virtual Contact Centers Acts As Catalyst To Provide High Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Using Cloud Communications to Tackle Customer Pain Points

How to Protect Your VoIP Communications & Customers from Phone Fraud

Integrating Machine Learning and Biology at Scale

Strategic Planning

Develop the most effective strategies and plans to boost your growth and achieve your goals.

Analytics & Evaluation

Receive detailed feedback and evaluation based on insightful data for your business.


Get personalized consultation on the best practices and approach for your business

Strategic Planning

Develop the most effective strategies and plans to boost your growth and achieve your goals.

Analytics & Evaluation

Receive detailed feedback and evaluation based on insightful data for your business.

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