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Unified Communications Virtual Summit

Date 24-2-2022 | Time : 15:00 HRS GMT / 10:00HRS ET

Communication is the backbone of any successful business; this is a business technology gospel, something that needs no more proof. Today, businesses are not only limited to a single place, but they are also “multi-national” or at least multi-cities. Your head offices might house Administration, Marketing, Accounts, and Human Resources departments but your Productions Units can be a thousand miles away from the headquarters. Dispatch unit, along with production, must be in sync with accounts, sales coordination, and accounts team.

This is very much the requirement of your teams residing at the head office – communicate forecast, order details. This is where unified communications place a vital role.

Unified Communications goes above and beyond what you know about communicating with your colleagues. A Unified Communications strategy allows your organization to complete tasks with ease and minimal context switches within a single user interface. Users can also participate in more productive meetings and better management of daily communications.

Today, you will often find yourself heading from conference calls to meetings to your email inbox. The context is constantly switching, which causes a disconnect within your organization, amongst employees and at the project level. Unified Communications creates a more consistent experience so no idea, comment, or concern gets left behind. To keep the conversation flowing, you will need to have the right tools in place.

Techsommet’s virtual event on Unified Communications takes you deep in how Unified Communications can solve all the problems of communicating across the enterprises.


Why to Attend?

TechSommet event on the Future of Unified Communications gives you a glimpse on the situation and how can solve Interoperability, Overlay Innovations and Improve User Experience!

The Event will provide insight from expert speakers sharing their unparalleled industry knowledge and real-life experiences in the forms of solo presentations, expert panel discussions and in-depth fireside chats.

What to Expect?

KeyNote Session from Personas Around Europe

Fire Side Chat

Panel Discussion and many more

Networking Session with 350+ Attendees

Virtual 1-2-1 Meetings

Topics of Discussion

What is Unified Communications and How can it connect all?

How Unified Communications can Boost Productivity and improve Custoer Service

Are Chatbots ready for prime time

How Unified Communications can Promote Digital Transformation

Connect your communication system with business apps, AI, and automation on a single platform- to run your business


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Who are attending:

CXO’s, VP’s, Director Manager, Heads of the



Ecommerce & Retail


Consumer Goods

Information Technology


Food Production


Computer Software

Network & Security

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