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Virtual Event

Date - 9th July 2024

About the Event

Welcome to the Spend Management 2024 Summit, an exclusive event hosted by TechSommet that redefines the future of financial operations. Join us for a day of innovation, collaboration, and discovery as we bring together finance professionals, procurement experts, and cutting-edge solution providers. Dive into the world of spend management where automation transforms efficiency.
In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the adoption of automation technologies is instrumental in streamlining financial processes, enhancing efficiency, and achieving operational excellence. The Spend Management 2024 Summit is designed to address the critical needs of end-users, providing them with a unique opportunity to discover, connect, and collaborate with solution providers offering innovative automation technologies that can revolutionize spend management practices.

Why It's Needed

In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations are increasingly leveraging automation to streamline financial processes, enhance efficiency, and achieve operational excellence. The Spend Management 2024 Summit addresses the critical need for end-users to discover and connect with solution providers offering automation technologies that can revolutionize spend management practices. It provides a unique opportunity for both end-users and solution providers to come together, share insights, and navigate the evolving landscape of automated financial operations.

Topic of discussion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in Expense Management

Explore how AI and machine learning are being used to automate expense categorization, detect fraud, and provide insights for better decision-making.

Mobile Expense Management Solutions

Discuss the latest advancements in mobile applications for on-the-go expense management, including features that enhance user experience and compliance.

Blockchain for Transparent and Secure Transactions

Explore the potential of blockchain in ensuring transparency and security in financial transactions, particularly in expense management and procurement processes.

Data Analytics for Predictive Spend Analysis

Examine how organizations are leveraging advanced data analytics tools to predict spending patterns, optimize budgets, and identify potential cost-saving opportunities.

Integration of Sustainability in Spending Decisions

Discuss how businesses are incorporating sustainability considerations into their spending decisions, including selecting environmentally friendly suppliers and products.

Compliance and Regulatory Technology (RegTech) in Expense Management

Explore how RegTech solutions are helping businesses navigate complex regulatory environments, ensuring compliance in expense reporting and financial processes.

User Experience and Employee Engagement in Expense Management

Discuss strategies for enhancing user experience in expense management applications and increasing employee engagement to improve compliance with spending policies.

Global Spend Management Challenges and Solutions

Explore the unique challenges of managing expenses across global operations and discuss innovative solutions to ensure efficiency and compliance.

Cost Optimization Strategies Post-Pandemic

Examine how businesses are reevaluating and optimizing their spending strategies in the post-pandemic landscape, considering factors such as remote work and changing business priorities.

Cybersecurity in Expense Management

Discuss the latest cybersecurity threats related to expense management and strategies to protect sensitive financial data.

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Spend Management

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Why Attend

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Discover Solutions

Explore a diverse array of automation technologies presented by leading solution providers in the field of spend management.


Networking Opportunities

Connect with solution providers, industry experts, and peers to exchange ideas, explore potential collaborations, and build valuable professional relationships.


Practical Insights

Gain practical insights into how automation can enhance spend management efficiency, reduce risks, and drive cost savings.


Tech Showcase

Witness live demonstrations and showcases of the latest automation tools and solutions transforming financial operations.


Strategic Partnerships

Explore opportunities for strategic partnerships and collaborations that can propel your organization towards automation-driven excellence.


Neha Chinai

Head of Finance at Fora Financial

Shu Jiang

VP finance at Organogenesis

Peter Banat

Chief Financial Officer at Bay State Milling

Jens Brown

Leading digital transformation in supply chain, spend management, procure to pay and travel & expense

Keith Baxter

Sr Director Procurement

Christine King

Director, Global Spend Management at Aon

Expected Speakers

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Testimonials from our Previous Virtual Events

AVOXI - Platinum Sponsor

I thought it went great. The questions we received were really great as well and I enjoyed the panel I will tell you that out of the 3 virtual conference events we've sponsored over the last 2 years, this one has been the best organized and executed. Thank you!

Megan Evitfs
Event Manager - Avoxi

Agenda was great, solid group of presenters. Overall experience was great

Shaun Marshall
Vice President of Customer Experience at Careismatic Brands

We should be thinking about the employee experience. If we are wanting to stay competitive in our market, we should be thinking about how we are using technology to elevate our brand and services. I enjoyed engaging with the other experts and practitioners in this field and hearing and learning from them at the event.

Devon Savoy
Group Product Manager - Customer Experience at Macmillan Learning

The content was great for a Junior level CX leader. The content was good, the questions were good as well as the follow-up conversations.

Todd Sale
Sr. VP Customer Experience Operations at Fleetcor

My key takeaways from the events were - Ways to be more efficient, first-call resolution importance and different ways for team organization. It was a great first time speaking at a virtual event and it went smoothly. Thanks to Techsommet!

Chelsea Gstohl
Vice President of Contact Center at Pelican State Credit Union

It was a pleasure working with Techsommet and serving this event and really strong panel you put together. I hope to have added value to it. The audience and other panelists agree that it was a good experience.

Neal Topf
President and Co Founder Callzilla

Great! Valuable and informative event and a nice way to virtually network with the like-minded Director of Legal Operations at Temple Health

Lindsey Marandola
Director of Legal Operations at Temple Health

The event was very good. I must say this event was a big success. The event allowed for a diverse set of presentations and perspectives.

Bo Kinloch
Director of legal operations at Hasbro